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Friday, March 5, 2010

Thing 14- voicethread

I think voicethread is probably one of the best ideas yet.  To be able to comment and ink on a subject, respond to questions and other comments and connect with people around the world is phenomenal.  I can see so many possibilities for using this in the classroom.  When I had my MACUL grant for the video bookclub, this would have been so much better!  Students could still use the webcams to record a video of themselves to then post to a voicethread set up by me which focuses on a particular story element.  Students would still interact with each and time zones would be virtually irrelevent! (no pun intended)  I could even use student artwork or documents to feature and spark conversation. 

I tried creating my own voicethread.  It was pretty easy.  I'll admit that I didn't explore all of the help features that is offered so it might have been even easier.  My only concern using voicethread is copyright.  How do I give credit to pictures that aren't my own?  The voicethread I tried- the link is below, I hope- is really simple but addresses a key concept in my curriculum.  Check it out... 

My first voicethread!

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  1. It seems like you are very excited about using VoiceThread. I responded to the VoiceThread you created - I can see you doing this same kind of activity with your class.