Sunday, March 7, 2010

Thing 18- more wiki

Working with wikis is pretty easy.  At least it was for me since I chose the "easy" option.  Adding to the favorites lists was literally as simple as clicking a button, typing and then saving, although I had some issues with the bullet points.  I hope all wikis are that easy.  If they are, then I would absolutely use them in my classroom for a project or two!

I considered chosing the hard option of editing wikipedia but it seemed a little intimidating when I considered how many people use that site every day (and many of whom assume it is all true).  I don't want to accidentally mislead anyone(I prefer to that deliberately).  I don't know how wikis compare to Moodle.  I use Moodle as a way of presenting lessons and generating conversations within forums.  I think there is a way to use wiki on Moodle but I could be mistaken about that... 

I like that with wiki, I made my contribution and now it is out there for all to see.  I'm pretty comfortable with the idea that others can edit it, but this would require a lot of trust for students.  I would have to have several discussions as to ethics and integrity when using a wiki for a group project.  This could be a good thing, and now that I think about it, using a wiki to create a fictional scenario might be a great way to generate a discussion on integrity... 

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  1. Moodle does have a wiki option. Remember with a wiki you can view the history - so you always know who and when changes are made.