Sunday, March 21, 2010

Thing 20- slideshare

I found slideshare to be interesting.  I found a couple of interesting presentations that I could use to supplement units I teach.  It is nice to have another source of information, other than my own powerpoints and the textbook to introduce information. 

The whole process seemed pretty easy.  However, it can be fairly time consuming searching for the right information, especially since I would have to preview every slideshow to make sure the content was accurate and appropriate.  I will probably use it as an additional teaching tool.  I have already downloaded a couple slideshows to use this year.  I'll have to see what the students think about it, to see if it is effective and worthwhile...

I liked the general idea behind the presentation I embeded.  I think much of it ties in nicely to our Goals, and it is a reminder of some easy ways to live the Goals on a daily (or 37 day) basis.  


  1. I have downloaded a SlideShare presentation into PPT and changed/added slides. Did you try that?

  2. I did not try that but I will. I found some that were good, but had parts I did not want/need. Now I can use them!

  3. Yes, all you need to do is sign in to download a presentation. This is a good reason to join slideshare.