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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Thing 16- widgets

I thought I was pretty familiar with widgets, as my website for school functions completely with widgets.  I did not realize, however, that there were so many different applications available.  I have used widgets for links to websites and calendars and posting notes/lists but to have widgets for videos, photos, games, etc.  is almost overwhelming.  It seemed like many of the widgets were repetitive in regards to website/blogger links but I am sure there are subtle differences that are beyond my novice notice. 

I added two widgets to my blog:  fish and a calendar.  I added fish because, well- they're fun!  I think they are also relaxing and can provide me and any readers with a brain break before it is time to refocus and work.  I added a calendar because I simply need one.  I am frequently trying to "plan ahead" and that requires a calendar.  I would rather not have to print one out and if I am working on my blog at home- like I am right now- I usually have little idea as to the date.  Having it right there on my screen, along with the rest of the month, is very helpful.

Adding the blogs, using the gadgets provided, was incredibly easy.  When I looked at a couple of the gadgets, my computer froze and I had to close the internet completely and even restart my computer once.  But for most of what I explored, it was easy to explore and add to my blog.  I am tempted to look for more widgets that are available elsewhere on the internet but suspect I will get lost in the offerings of cyberspace.  I guess these will do for now.


  1. The fish are a relaxing brain break! There are oodles of widgets on the web. One can get lost in the volume of choices.

  2. I added the fish too! Your fish look a little lonely... come play with my fish! I added 10... it's a lot more fun to watch 10 fish swim for food!